Welcome to Creativity, Wizard will magically orchestrate your event to a dreamy result!

We Are Wizards…

Wizard Events & PR is a integrated communications agency in fashion and lifestyle sector.  We deliver PR, creative marketing, brand development, creative solutions.

We are much more than an Events & PR agency. We operate successfully by providing strategies for brand development. We deliver solutions to our clients’ needs. We all we do with meticulous planning and creativity to ensure an innovative tone of voice is delivered to a media and consumer audience on scale.


Why need a Planner…


As a Wizard, specialized in event planning, we know how and when to raise our magic wand to find for you the best concept at the perfect venue with the ideal décor and the most amazing entertainment in a magical and atmospherical scenery while managing a realistic budget. It is impossible to fully enjoy your event while being in charge of everything that needs to be done that day!

We are there to assist and support you so that you can forget about everything else except the pleasure of hosting!


An event planner:

  1. Will save you money & time

  2. Knows how to manage your budget

  3. Will prevent you from costly mistakes

  4. Has the experience and know-how and can offer any solution

  5. Will negotiate for you the best deals with all suppliers

  6. Will minimize you stress and keep the deadlines

Will give that professional touch for a memorable event!